Our Social Responsibility

Bringing you apparel and accessory options from local, national and global designers & entrepreneurs gives me a sense of fulfillment. Not just because the clothes are better quality – we know they are – and not just because it’s fun to have one of your most important shopping efforts rewarded – it is, of course – but also because of what your orders empower me to support, including:

  • entrepreneurs
  • independent designers & artists
  • production processes that are more efficient
  • textile suppliers that are more sustainable

At Wynn Ruby, we offer this satisfaction to all our customers, and take it a step further, by paying it forward: We plan to invest a portion of our profits by making empowering micro-loans to entrepreneurs and start-up businesses across the globe, through Kiva.org.

Why? Because the entrepreneurial spirit is not just providing young families with choices when it comes to children’s clothing, it’s also helping to create a better future for entrepreneurs and children everywhere.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”
— Gandhi