4 Tips to Starting the New Year off Right!


Okay confession..who am I to proclaim the best way to do this or that or starting your New Year off on the right foot? I am human...a busy mom to tiny humans, wife trying to be the best one I can be and a new entrepreneur trying to run a business..among other things! Some days I feel like I have it all together and other days I just want to crawl back into bed and go back to sleep! Thankfully there is coffee!

This may not be the end all be all solution to starting your New Year off right but I will share with you 4 things that help me get the New Year going and keep my sanity while doing it! My hope is that these tips & tricks will help you accomplish your goals, find balance and help you to juggle all the to-do's on your plate! I wish you the best year yet!

1. Setting a goal(s) and make a plan: Each year my husband and I sit down and write out goals for the year. Usually we each have a list of personal and professional goals that we set for ourselves that year and then we come together to discuss goals for our family. Not only is goal setting a great opportunity to see in a list form what you want to accomplish but it sets the intention you have for that goal as well and creates personal accountability. I am a huge list person. I start each week & day with a list I want to accomplish. So this yearly practice in January is a nice exercise for me. It can also be a challenging time as I see the list of goals that I have and want to accomplish them all RIGHT NOW. Since that isn't humanly possible and they are meant to be goals for the year, I have to learn to practice patients. This year we also included our daughter in our family goals discussion as we chatted at the dinner table. Her suggestion for the list, "spend more time with my family"..of course we loved that idea and added to the list!

2. New Year Declutter: I love to start the year with a fresh start in the clutter department! Not only does it help to spruce up around the house but decluttering around you also help to make you feel better too. Although this is a year long goal to keep the clutter as bay and live with less, I was able to tackle a big part by tackling our garage. After moving across country and being consumed by boxes it was nice to organize, declutter and clean out the garage once and for all! It was an easy task when I approached it by creating three piles: 1. Keep, 2. Garbage/Throw Away and 3. Undecided. The first two are easy and can be remedied quickly - keep means put away and organize within the existing space, throwaway means just that - get rid of it! The undecided was the purgatory pile of sorts, my husband and I went through it together. Some things we decided to keep, some get rid of and some things try to sell. It was a success!

On a smaller scale I tackle cleaning and clutter around the house in this helpful format throughout each week. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by cleaning all in one day (who has time for this or the desire to spend a whole day cleaning!) I do a little "chore" each day to keep things tiding around the house. Here it is:

Monday: Do Laundry

Tuesday: Clean Kitchen

Wednesday: Dust & Clean Bedrooms

Thursday: Clean Bathroom

Friday: Wash Floors/Do Laundry

With two little ones - it seems the laundry just piles up, hence why it's on the list twice. Each of these task are the deep clean that each items needs that week. For example, I clean up the kitchen each night after making dinner, etc. but I during the deep clean on Tuesdays I make sure to touch every surface, inside the microwave, refrigerator, etc...you can make this plan work for you & your family however you wish!

3. Refocus on Fitness & Yourself: During the holidays it seems like the wheels just fell off my workout routine and commitment! But I am starting off the New Year with a renewed sense of commitment and determination for my fitness. For me, Barre3 has been a total game changer when it comes to working out. For years I would float around gyms feeling more like it was a social hour than a workout and just wouldn't push myself to my limit. Fast forward until 2 years ago when I wanted to loss the baby weight after my 2nd daughter. I needed to find something that pushed me, motivated me and had childcare! That's when I heard about Barre3 and I haven't looked back! Here are some other New Years tips from Barre3 that are just great!

  • Mix it up: my goal this year is to add in a little more cardio to my weekly routine
  • Grab a friend: working out is always more fun when you do it with friends
  • Eliminate the excuses: Barre3 childcare is a lifesaver! This was my biggest barrier - how could I workout when I needed to watch my girls? Now I can't use that excuse.

4. You are What You Eat: Meal planning has been a key part of our families sanity success throughout the week. No stress over what to make for dinner, etc. You can read more about that here. This year, my personal goal is to drink more water. This is not something I am good at and need to create a better habit of hydration!

What are your tips for the New Year? I would love to hear them in the comments below! 

Katie Hall, is owner & founder of WynnRuby.com, an online children's boutique based in Austin, TX. 



Posted on January 7, 2016 and filed under Tips & Tricks.