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Lolli Jo Now at WynnRuby.com!

A little about Lolli Jo from owner, Kylie: Lolli Jo was born after my third. My vision was to create a line of baby friendly jewelry for mamas that looked like the real thing because that's often just what babies want. They want the real remote, real phone, etc., right? Whether you are looking to extend snuggle time with your little, reduce distractions while breastfeeding or bottle feeding, stop your little's biting, save your skin from pinching and hair from pulling, or you want to save your delicate jewelry from your little's crazy strong grip, Lolli Jo can help while soothing those sore teething gums. A trained doula with a passion for empowering and supporting mamas, Lolli Jo was created to make moms feel fancy in the often messy world that is parenting. 



  • 100% food grade, high quality silicone (similar to pacifiers and bottle nipples).
  • Durable nylon cord.
  • Free of BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, latex, and cadmium.
  • Easy to wash with soap and warm water. 
  • Breakaway safety clasp. (not for chewing)
  • Many moms find our jewelry helpful to keep baby focused on nursing. 
  • Saves your hair from being pulled, skin from being scratched, and non-baby friendly jewelry breaking. 
  • Great sensory item for babies to grab and play with while mom is wearing it and holding them close .
  • Soft texture feels good on sore, teething gums. 
  • Lolli Jo jewelry is intended to be worn by adults only. Do not leave children unattended with jewelry. 
Posted on May 18, 2015 .