DIY Holiday Miniature Garden

Create a Miniature Garden for the holidays! Santa meets the fairy garden!

I love easy holiday crafts that I can do with my toddlers! For today's craft inspiration I went right to my mom ~ retired elementary school teacher and certified advanced master gardener extraordinaire to give an easy to do fun holiday craft that my toddlers & yours will love!

Supplies needed:

·       A shallow plastic saucer like what you drain a planter on ( mine was 18 inches in diameter/ 2.32 inches in depth)-could use a pizza pan, basket or shallow bowl too

·       A small white sheet, pillow case or flannel cloth

·       Cut a 3 inch section of a small rectangular tissue box

·       Cotton snow blanket/stuffing/puffs/cotton balls

·       Fake snow sprinkles

·       Faux plants or artificial flowers

·       Possible assorted miniatures(Santa, mini house, reindeer, toys, nutcrackers, bench, fence, miniature battery lights, animals/pets)



Make a Plan: I always begin a project like this by sketching out a plan on a piece of paper. Next I look for miniatures or things around the house that I own that might work. I also have to decide whether to use real or artificial plants. If I can’t find things at home then I go shop for what I need.  Discount stores usually have small items that work. Check the aisles where party favors are sold as they are a great place to find miniature toys too. A lot of items are less than a dollar at some of these stores. If you have small children, ask to borrow their toys. You may decide to involve them in this whole process.

Bring your garden to life: For this project I will use artificial plants. Next I try to prepare the landscape by placing the cut tissue box in the center of the saucer to raise the small house up and out.  Then I put the tree next to the house. Place the cloth sheet or blanket around these things.   Then I add all the miniatures to see how it looks. Have fun experimenting here until YOU like it.  I placed a Santa figurine on the bench but I might leave him off sometimes too. You could also set a miniature felt Santa hat on the bench or some miniature presents. Letters to Santa in a small pouch might be nice too. Some small clay cookies would be fun too and a faux carrot for the reindeer. Let your imagination have fun with so many possibilities.


A sprinkling of snow & holiday cheer: Add the fluffy batting/snow puffs next. If your miniatures get buried by the puffs, then lift them out and set them on top. Lastly, sprinkle on the loose snow. If you plan to place the garden on a table that people will walk around then you will want to make it interesting from all angles. It might be fun for you to add or subtract things from the garden throughout the season.  And to be safe, keep this project away from open flames and wind and small children under 3 years old.

I plan to place my garden on a bed of evergreen boughs as it gets closer to Christmas and I have some boughs cut to use. It makes a lovely low centerpiece wherever it is placed. Maybe your garden will inspire singing carols, telling stories or making up rhymes! Maybe it will inspire letters to Santa and family members too! You are now ready to step back and enjoy! Hope this project will bring you joy! Happy holidays to you and yours!


We can't wait to see what your DIY Holiday Miniature Garden looks like! Tag us at #wynnruby to share with us your little ones creation!

Karen McClatchey, is a retired elementary school teacher, and certified Advanced Master Gardener who loves fairy gardens and all things miniature. She is also Nana to Wynn & Ruby!


Katie Hall, is owner & founder of, an online children's boutique based in Austin, TX

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